All of our board and staff members generously volunteer their time and energy toward the continuous growth and improvement of Imagine Productions. If you would like to get involved, do not hesitate to approach anyone listed below, or send an email to info@imaginecolumbus.com, to ask how you can help. If you aren’t the singing and dancing type, but would like to be a part of this incredibly open and friendly family, there are an infinite number of tasks that require individuals with experience and knowledge that have nothing to do with being on stage. Just tell us how you can pitch in or what you may like to learn to do and we can likely figure out a way to fit you in, literally anything you can Imagine. We will also gladly provide professional references as it pertains to educational or career requirements.

Board Members are voted into office annually by our members.
Board Members

  • President – Esther Stinson
  • Vice President – Logun Baker
  • Treasurer – Ed Eblin
  • Secretary – Jackie Farbeann
  • Member Representative – Ryan Stem
  • Member Representative – Heather Metcalf
  • Member Representative¬†– Ryan Scarlata

The four leaders of the Executive Staff are hired by the Board. Each reporting position is hired directly by one of the four leaders of the Executive Staff.

Executive Staff

  • Executive Director – Geno Smith
    • House Manager – Jim Bouyack
    • Web Designers – Jim Nothnagel, Logun Baker
  • Artistic Director – Tim Valentine
    • Assistant Artistic Director – Mary Sink
  • Marketing Director – Carl Stolzenburg
    • Assistant Marketing Director – Andrea Klinker
  • Technical Director – Benjamin Maynard