Supporting Imagine

We continue to strive to keep our performance prices affordable for members of every demographic as we believe that the arts are the best way to encourage personal growth and community cohesion. However, there are many non-negotiable behind-the-scenes costs that come with producing high quality musicals. In order to maintain our current seat/table prices – which are the best prices in downtown Columbus – we must seek reliable income streams alongside ticket sales.

So how can I help support Imagine Productions?

1) Come see a show.

The best way to support Imagine is to join us at Wall Street Nightclub for one of our performances. Every penny from our seat and table reservations gets reinvested into the growth of the troupe; and your presence, your cheers, your laughs and your tears help raise the quality of the experience for the patrons around you, the actors on stage and the staff behind the scenes.

Make your reservation today.

2) Advertise in our printed programs.

Our printed programs are put into the hands of nearly 1,000 patrons throughout the run of a show. Along with appearing in the program, your company will be listed as a supporter on our website with a link to your company’s website and you will get mentions on our facebook page, our twitter feed (@ImagineCbus), and our google+ stream
Ad pricing and sizes are as follows:
a) Company Logo on “Our Sponsors” page: $20 (sizes will vary)
b) Quarter page (5″ x 2″) – $35.00
c) Half Page (5″ x 4″) – $60.00
d) Full Page (5″ x 8″) – $95.00

If you would like to advertise in our programs, send an email to

3) Send Well Wishes to a cast member.

For $5.00, you can send us a message of support (or mild embarrassment) for any member of the cast, crew or production staff of a particular show. We will print your message in the ‘Well Wishes’ section of our program and we will post it on our facebook page, our twitter feed (@ImagineCbus), and our google+ stream. We simply ask that you keep the message clean and limit it to 140 characters.

If you would like to send ‘Well Wishes’ to one of our current cast or production team members, send an email to

4) Help us behind the scenes by joining a production team.

Every production requires a myriad of tasks to be completed before the show hits the stage along with another myriad of tasks to be completed when the lights go up and the actors are on stage. If you would like to donate your time to help us with set construction, technical expertise, stage crew, painting, costume building, graphic design, web development or ushering, we would love to hear from you. Great people make a great organization, so be creative and let us know what you would like to do to help Imagine grow.

If you would like to join a production team, send an email to

5) Just donate.

We are a Non-Profit Organization and in the process of receiving our tax exempt (501(c)3) status. We can accept material donations for set construction, food donations for cast dinners on those long rehearsal days or nearly any other kind of donation you can think of. We will proudly mention you in the ‘Special Thanks’ section of our printed programs, or you may donate anonymously.

If you would like to show your support for the arts by just donating, send an email to