youngfrank(2)We’ve come to expect nothing but hilarity from the work of Mel Brooks, and Young Frankenstein will not dissapoint! Brooks’ retelling of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein has lept from the screen to the stage with the greatest of ease.

Director Chris Johnson and his team had a tough time sorting through all the awesome performers at auditions!  And in true Imagine fashion, both new and old faces round out this excellent cast.  Chris and his production team are chomping at the bit to show us their deep love for this zany musical comedy.  Get ready to celebrate the Halloween season as Imagine presents Mel Brooks’ Young Frankenstein and laugh yourself… TO DEATH!  (But not really.  We prefer you stay alive to see our future productions)

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Congratulations to our cast:

Fredrick Frankenstein: Jonathan Collura

Monster: Ricky Locci

Inga: Michelle Weiser

Igor: Zach Alexander

Elizabeth Benning: Ashley Blankenship

Frau Blucher: Sarah Frady

Inspector Kemp: Alex Almeida

Victor Von Frankenstein/ Ensemble: Jim Bouyack

Ziggy/Hermit/Ensemble:  Matt Kuntzman


Alex Lanier

Krista Morelli

Heather Cook

Noah Holbrook

Gabriel Thomas

Jordan Shafer

Production Team

Director: Chris Johnson

Assistant Director: Kristin Yarger

Music Director: Brian Horne

Choreographers: Zoe Lathan

Stage Manager: Lauren Wong

Costumer: Rosemary Cullison